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In-person consultations - what to expect
FunctionetiKs clients can expect personal, private and informed attention with each consultation. Each consultation begins with a question-answer interview followed by expert observation of posture, gate and various physical movements. A smart motion program is provided to address identifiable dysfunction. Each client completes the specified routine while under close observation. Client programs are viewable and printable on-line in the My Personal File section of the website.

Costs Initial consultation $300
Follow-up consultations Range from $125—$200 session
Specialized in Person one on one Consultation $125.00 to $175.00 depending on location
8 prepurchased one on one consultations based on $175.00 is $1275.00 savings of $125.00
16 pre purchased one on one consultations for friends and family $2,450 savings of $350.00

Photo Consultation - what to expect
Photo Consultations are an effective way to experience FunctionetiKs when personal consultations are not possible. The website provides the simple steps to obtaining your personal and private FunctionetiKs program. Simply click on the link and you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. You will have the opportunity to upload your photos for evaluation and include any questions. After expert examination of your file, you will be notified via email or phone of how to proceed. Your smart motion program will be available on-line in the My Personal File section.

Costs $50 per program
Package of 5 consultations $220.00 a savings of $30.00 when pre purchased

Mobile Funtionetiks Clinics - what to expect
One-on-one appointments are available in select regions outside of Southern California. FunctionetiKs provides mobile clinics in select cities. Clients will be scheduled in advance and walkups clients will be accepted only upon availability. These clinics provide 2-3 personalized sessions for each client and allow for on-line follow up. If you would like to request or organize a clinic in your city, please contact us.

Enjoy pain-free living with
FunctionetiK's easy exercise programs designed for your unique body.
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