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Today’s children face physical challenges that no other generation has faced. Technology has created a sedentary environment that threatens the physical development of our youth. Quite simply, children no longer move and develop. Childhood obesity is an epidemic. Physical education in schools has neared extinction even when existing data supports an undeniable mind body connection which improves learning on multiple levels. Marketing departments continue to tempt the kids with the latest and greatest video games. Classroom time has lengthened and homework has increased. Fewer kids walk to and from school than ever before.

Just take a look at school kids these days! Can you say they look healthy? If the sloped shoulders loaded with heavy backpacks and the turned out feet don’t catch your eye, the added girth around the midsection will. Even more telling is their locomotion. Watch today’s kids run! Running, jumping and climbing should be a right of youth and it has become a laborious task that many kids avoid at all costs.

Club soccer, travel baseball, competitive dance and cheer etc… have developed super kids in their respective sports. The benefits of activity probably outweigh the negatives but in many cases we are seeing a dramatic increase in overuse and sport specific injuries. The repetitive motions called upon in these sports create musculoskeletal imbalances that negatively effect growth plates and can retard physical development. Ideally these kids should participate in full range exercises to support their selected activity. A full function workout should consider joint position along with muscle balance, strength and flexibility. The crossover from sport to sport is undeniably advantageous.

FunctionetiKs takes aim at developing a comprehensive workout for kids that considers health, function, fun, attitude and education. We are happy to work with kids one-on-one, on-line or (coming soon) as part of our youth fitness regimen. (Link to take to online registration) (Link to submit an email question.)

Signs of youth dysfunction:

It is now widely accepted that lack of motion is the main contributor to youth dysfunction and we are aware that too much repetitive motion can cause imbalances, but what many parents don’t understand is how to identify dysfunction. Included among the symptoms are some obvious visual markers as well as less obvious internal or emotional marker.

Visual: Sloping shoulders; turned out/in feet; head jutting forward; hips turned under; shoulder height disparity; appearance of arm length disparity; hip height disparity; does one hip/arm/shoulder/leg align ahead of the other? Do knees align over ankles? Obesity; difficulty breathing.

Non visual: Sleeplessness or too much sleep; poor appetite; chronic constipation; frequent mood swings; clumsiness; jaw pain; headaches; stomach aches; joint pain; muscle cramps; muscle spasms; breathing difficulty; depression; lack of energy; headaches and withdrawal from social or family functions.

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