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For your convenience, we offer simple equipment to make your exercise experience more efficient. It is not necessary to have the equipment to complete your exercises and you may find items in your own home or gym that will suffice. The equipment has been made to specifications that we at FunctionetiKs have determined to be anatomically appropriate for your workout.

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FunctionetiK’s Smart Motion large block
This large foam Smart Motion block is covered with a durable blue washable nylon and is used for many of our exercises. The foam is firm, lightweight and resilient. This block will provide convenience for years.

Dimensions: 16" length x 14.5" width
Weight: 7 lbs.
Cost: $114.95

FunctionetiK’s Smart Motion small block
This small foam Smart Motion block is covered with a durable blue washable nylon and is used with a variety of exercises. Substitutes include balls, pillows and towels but convenience and versatility of this block is hard to pass on.
Cost: $29.95

FunctionetiK Smart Motion roll
This nylon covered adjustable inflatable roll effectively assists proper body alignment with many exercises.
Cost: $15.00

FunctionetiK’s Smart Motion strap
This durable cotton yoga style strap aids with various stretches and isolation exercises.
Cost: $11.95

Multi-level Slant board
The plastic Multi-Slant Board increases extension in the lower and upper back while stretching the calves. The Multi-Slant Board is made of a strong composite plastic, tested to hold over 400 pounds. It adjusts to 4 levels and folds flat (3-inches) to store conveniently. Levels are 10, 15, 20 and 30 degrees. The Slant Board is also an ergonomic, comfortable and adjustable foot rest for use at your desk or workstation. Relieve the tension in your lower legs, ankles, and feet when sitting for long periods. Available in Gray.
Cost: $65.00

FunctionetiK’s Smart Motion mat
This is a yoga style mat that makes exercises more comfortable on a hard surface along with providing traction when necessary.
Cost: $19.95
FunctionetiK’s Total Exercise Package
Includes: Large Block, 2 small blocks, Strap, Rolls, mat
Cost: $195.00
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