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What is FunctionetiKs?

FuntionetiKs is a popular and highly successful postural correction program that utilizes a series of gentle stretches and strengthening exercises called smart motions that correct and prevent musculoskeletal misalignment and bring the body back to a natural state of balance and function. It is a hands-off and natural approach that addresses pain and dysfunction without manipulation or drugs while restoring proper function to muscles and joints. The personalized and sequenced exercise routines target specific dysfunctions to maximize mobility and relieve pain. The body when free of dysfunction is empowered to move pain-free with increased strength and efficiency.

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Taking control: Lives are defined by choices! Choosing to take control of your health now provides far reaching benefits. Correctly managing your musculoskeletal health builds a foundation for your future mobility and quality of life. Simple steps can and should be taken to promote healthy joints, bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. If you can always look back and be satisfied with your efforts to maintain your health, you will live pain free and active. Failing to correct postural dysfunction will surely lead to breakdown and a questionable future.

Corrie Egoscue-Karas (the “other” Egoscue)
Corrie, a graduate of San Diego State University, helped develop and popularize this highly acclaimed approach to treating chronic pain while working side by side with her father, Pete Egoscue. Now, widely accepted, this technique has become a staple of pain free living for those of all ages. Corrie’s teaching protocols have been used across the country as others seek to expand this successful method. She continues to be highly respected as a pioneer of restorative anatomical function.

Randy Karas
Randy, a graduate of San Diego State University, has continued to develop and grow the method for nearly 20 years while working with individuals, groups and companies. He has also served as Director of Therapy for an Orange County based pain treatment company while continuing to operate and grow FunctionetiKs. Randy has lectured in front of thousands, including the LPGA and billion dollar companies and remains active in youth sports while championing functional physical development of children.

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