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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this similar to the Egoscue Method?

Yes. Corrie Egoscue-Karas (the “other” Egoscue and daughter of Pete), graduated from San Diego State University helped develop and popularize this highly acclaimed approach to treating chronic pain while working side by side with her father, Pete Egoscue. Now, widely accepted, this technique has become a staple of pain free living for those of all ages. Corrie’s teaching protocols have been used across the country as others seek to expand this successful method. She continues to be highly respected as a pioneer of restorative anatomical function.

What are some signs that my child may need your services?

Does your child have pain? Is your child lethargic or appear tired. Is your child clumsy or do they lack coordination? Look at your child closely. Do they look symmetrical? Are they hunched or rounded in the shoulders and back? Do they walk with their feet turned out or in?

You may have a child athlete that becomes very specialized in their sport causing them to repeat motions that could be place them at risk of injury without a routine to balance their development. Or you may have a child that does not get enough movement or exercise. In both cases they would benefit greatly.

Conditions such as scoliosis or fibromyalgia and an array of diagnoses should be carefully addressed with proper motion to combat the effects and allow for healthy development.

What’s the difference between photo consultation and in-person consultation?

Photo consultation is a convenient option for those unable to be observed in person by a Funtionetiks consultant. By clicking get started, answering some simple questions and uploading digital photos a Functionetiks consultant will review your history and prepare a personalized Smart Motions routine.

One-on-one consultations include 60-90 minutes of time spent in-person with a Functionetiks consultant. Often the consultant will schedule time at your home, office, gym or other convenient location. The consultant will interview each client, including observing posture, gait and various movements. Clients will then be put through their routine while providing feed back to the consultant. Client is then observed following the completion of the routine.

How long does a routine usually take to complete?

The specific needs of each client will dictate the length of a program. Programs range from 10- 60 minutes and typically fall in the range of 20-40 minutes.

Do I need to complete the exercises in order?

Yes! It is critical that your program be completed in the recommended order. Each exercise builds upon another and prepares and positions your body for the next exercise.

Do I really need to complete my program daily?

The success of your routines is reliant upon developing muscle memory to correct and maintain balanced joints. Completing a daily routine is the most effective way to succeed. Anything less can compromise your goals.

What is the best time of day to complete my routine?

Morning is always a great time to complete a program. This sets your body for the day ahead. Many clients find that completing an evening program allows them to settle down after a long day. For some, afternoon provides an opportunity to recharge for the remaining day. In short, the best time to complete a program is the time that makes you feel the best and fits into your schedule.

How often do I complete the routine?

Complete your program daily unless indicated otherwise. You may have more than one routine and often will alternate between designated programs.

Is equipment needed to complete a routine?

Equipment is not necessary. Often furniture, balls, towel and belts work effectively. However, equipment has been developed for your convenience and is available on-line.

How long will it take to see or feel results?

Each client has different challenges and goals. The results are dictated by the symptoms and conditions of each client. In most cases results can be felt in as little as one completed session. Lasting results are dependant upon compliance and dedication.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes Functionetiks accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Can I still see my massage therapist?

In most cases, yes. Postural balancing can be complimented by various forms of massage, although this should be discussed on an individual basis.

If an exercise hurts, should I still attempt to complete it?

The Smart Motions provided are designed to make you feel good. If an exercise hurts, you should not complete that exercise and notify your consultant. There is a difference between an exercise hurting and fatigue or feeling the exercise work your muscles. If you are ever unsure, simply contact your consultant.

Is the cost of Functionetiks covered under my health insurance?

If you have a flex plan, umbrella or medical saving account, it is possible. Some insurance settlements may include consultations. Generally, it is not covered under basic health plans.

Is age a factor to utilizing your method?

There are no age constraints to utilizing Functionetiks. Smart Motions are created to benefit the individual and their specific needs and conditions. Everyone can benefit.

I don’t have pain, can I still benefit from Functionetik’s Smart Motions?

Yes. Just because you don’t have pain does not mean that you are functional. Often, it is a matter of time before the dysfunctions lead to pain. It is important to identify and address dysfunctions in order to ensure a healthy and active future. Many clients seek to improve upon physical performance without sacrificing function. Functionetik’s Smart Motions is ideal for this purpose.

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